Photo Gallery

This optional feature allows you to create a gallery of photos to display your work or events. In order to have this feature you’ll need a plug-in such as “Photo Gallery.” Some themes come with their own photo gallery included so no that no additonal photo gallery plug-in is needed. Check with your web developer if you are not sure. The instructions below apply to the plug-in Photo Gallery by WebDorado

  • Go to Photo Gallery to create a gallery, to add the photos, or add to an existing gallery
  • Add/upload the photos to the general program
  • Select the photos to add to the specific gallery
  • To add the gallery you created to a page or post, in the menu bar there is an icon that looks like a camera. It takes you to the Photo Gallery plugin, where you select from a dropdown the gallery you want to add to that page/post.


  • Once you select it, you can determine the number of rows, the size of the pics, etc. generally 2 rows 180w x 240h, no more than 12 pics per page) Once you do that, it adds the icon to the page of the post. You wont see the pics until you save a preview.
  • Once you preview and it’s not the way you like it, click on the icon that is on the page (not the one in the menu bar). You can go back and edit it.

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