Posts / Blog

Posts are used for adding content such as blogs. Posts are also a great tool for adding new or ever-changing information like news, events, awards, photos, etc.

  • If you want to blog and/or add content in a blog-style format, then you would add a “Post”.
  • Click the “Post” link on the left.  Click “Add New” give it a title and then add the content in the box below the title.
  • If you are set up to blog, whatever you type will appear on the blog. If your blog is on your home page, then whatever you post will appear on the home page, with the newest items being on top.
  • DO NOT make any changes to the blog page itself. To update a blog entry, edit the entry under “posts”. Do not alter the blog page.
  • To add a thumbnail go to “Featured Image” on the bottom right of the screen.